2014 retrospective

February is, perhaps, a little late to write a retrospective of the previous year. Late or not, 2014 was a busy year and too much happened for me not to write something.

So, here are some bullet points:

  • I joined Couchbase, to lead their developer relations efforts in EMEA.
  • I recruited a team of Developer Advocates including the superb Laurent Doguin, Martin Esmann and James Nocentini, as well as helping bring Laura Czajkowski on board as Developer Community Manager.
  • I visit the USA four times, India and Israel for the first time and made return trips to Ireland, Italy, France and Germany.
  • My wife tells me I spent roughly 40% of the year on the road.
  • I spoke at Couchbase Live Tel Aviv, London and New York. I also spoke at Couchbase Connect in San Francisco.
  • I gave Couchbase workshops in London, New York, Paris and San Francisco.
  • I spoke at:
  • I spoke at meet-ups across Europe and ran the London and Birmingham NoSQL groups.
  • I launched and ran Span, London’s conference about scalable and distributed systems. Thanks to Phil for working with me on that.

There’s more but those are what stand-out. 2015 looks exciting so far! Span 2015 is in the early planning stages as are one or two other projects.