Accessible ODF viewer created at LugRadio Live

The Open CD‘s Henrik Omma mailed me to say that the Ubuntu Accessibility BoF at LugRadio Live had resulted in the creation of an accessible Open Document Format reader.

Here’s an extract from Daniel Carrerra’s post to the Ubuntu Accessibility list:

“I met Henrik at LugRadio today (nice meeting you Henrik!).
I had given a talk about the OpenDocument format, and demonstrated
a simple ODF viewer. Henrik asked about making an accessible version
of the ODF reader, something that would let people read ODF files
right on the command-line, as plain text.”

As I understand it, the first version of the viewer was created on the day, at the venue.

I love the fact that this happened at LugRadio Live. Of course, it would almost certainly have happened anyway, but the event helped bring the right people together.