Back from Honeymoon: what do I do now?

I’ve returned to the crowded, semi-detached world of the West Midlands, from the serenity and relative wilderness of Loch Ness. The Highlands of Scotland are how life should be.

The Honeymoon was a buffer between now – fairly quiet – and a ridiculously busy time, in which a massive work project required lots of overtime and the wedding ate up all of my emotional energy. Getting married was a thrilling experience: Lyne looked better than I could possibly have imagined and I’m very privileged that she chose to marry me. It was great to have some good friends and family there, too. However, it’s relief that it’s over: I don’t think I’ve ever felt such extremes of emotion in one day!

Both Aq and Jono blog about it, with Jono and Mike offering pics. More photos will go online as I get them. It’s a shame Annable the cannibal couldn’t make it. Thanks to everyone who came.

In Scotland, I decided to get serious about writing fiction. I’ve not found the time to really work at it; I’ve also been too arrogant to think I need to work at it. I’ve been waiting for that perfect story to form, complete, in my head. Ha! Doesn’t work that way, of course. I’ve swallowed my pride and bought a couple of books on writing fiction, so expect to see bad short stories on my site, within a few weeks 🙂

My plans also include:

  • writing a guide to search engine optimisation, to dispel the myths and ensure so-called SEO experts can’t rip people off
  • ensuring the all new LugRadio conquers the world
  • resurrecting my website
  • spending lots of time with my wonderful wife (hey, gimme a break, I’m allowed to be all lovey: I’ve just got married).

Right, back to my lunch break.