Dan Whitehouse

Despite the rumour that nothing happens in Wolverhampton on a Wednesday, yesterday evening I saw Dan Whitehouse play at Alchemy, which is next to the Little Civic in Wolverhampton.

The night was organised by Colour Promotions, who are starting to put on events such as this in the city. Wonderful to see!

I’ve only recently come across Dan’s music, thanks to Neil Calloway, my co-host on our new show The Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute. Dan’s songs come across as snapshots of moments of realisation, told with benefit of hindsight. I was impressed by how his sound filled the venue with just a guitar and a bloke playing the box (okay, there was a proper name for it…)

I’m pleased to say Dan’s on the first episode of The Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute on 101.8 WCR FM at around 9.30 on the 13th June. He’s also hosting a new night at the Light House called Live at Lock Works on the 19th June.