Fix-it Friday – bribe a Launchpad developer day

Next year, you’re going to be seeing some pretty cool stuff from Launchpad. The bosses have got us locked in a basement over Christmas just to make sure.

In the new year, though, we’re trying something different for one day a week: Fix-it Fridays. Each developer will work on whatever they want to see improved in Launchpad.

Now, if you’re a Launchpad user and you’ve got ideas or feedback for Launchpad, let me know. I’m always keen to hear how we can make Launchpad better.

However, if you’ve got a small-ish fix, persuade a developer that they should do it as part of Fix-it Friday.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Join us in #launchpad on
  2. Either ping me – matthewrevell – or tell the channel what your requested fix is.
  3. Use whatever means necessary to persuade a Launchpad developer they want to work on it.

Number three might be quite easy, or it might involve bribery.

We’re always keen to hear what Launchpad users want – seriously, Skype me (matthewrevell), email me (my first and last name at or ring me (mail me for the PSTN or SIP number). Fix-it Friday, though, is a chance for the Launchpad developers to work on their personal priorities. Now, if a few DVDs and some flattery persuade a developer that their priorities coincide with yours, then fair game 🙂

Join us for the first full Fix-it Friday in #launchpad on January 5th 2007!