Goodbye LugRadio

Last night we recorded my last LugRadio as a full-time member of the team.

The past three years have been amazing. What started as a silly idea at a Wolves LUG meeting has brought me many new friends, taken me to strange and exotic places – well, Limerick – and helped shape my career.

I love LugRadio and love spending time with the other gents. However, a couple of months ago it became obvious that I don’t have time for everything I want to do. I also realised that so as long as I’m doing LugRadio, I don’t have as much motivation to try new things because I’m already doing something pretty cool.

Last night was very sad and, because it hadn’t sunk in that it was my last show, I couldn’t quite express how I felt. LugRadio has been about friendship, learning and a having a lot of fun. It’s changed me for the better. I will miss being so closely involved but, in the light of morning, I think it’s right to have stepped down.

So, thanks to Ade, Aq and Jono for being good mates and for making LugRadio such an enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the listeners for your emails, your crazy community action and for being one of the nicest and funniest bunch of people around.

There was only one serious contender for my replacement. He has long been an unofficial member of the team, he’s a great bloke and he lives round the corner from Bacon: Adam Sweet. Adam’s going to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the show, which I think will help it get even better.

Of course, I’m not leaving LugRadio entirely. If one of the guys can’t make it, I’ll stand in and I’ll also be at LugRadio Live! These blokes are some of my best mates, so it’ll be difficult to keep me away entirely.

Wow, it’s sort of over.

See Jono’s photos.