hashlugradio – podcast about a podcast

The LugRadio community is amazing. I know each of us says that quite a bit, but it’s true.

One of the main aspects of the community is the ever friendly, often bizarre, #lugradio channel – that’s pronounced “hash lugradio”, not “pound” or any of that business. A pound looks like this “?” or this “lb”.

Now, the most dedicated #lugradio regulars – including our previous Community Hero, current and current deputy – have created the hashlugradio podcast. I love the idea of a podcast that gives an alternative view on some of the things we discuss on LugRadio. I hope that’s not because I’m being an egomaniac; I actually do think it’s good to get a second opinion on the stuff we ramble on about.

Nice work Xalior, Neuro, Aquarion, Dotwaffler and Mr … oh no, you couldn’t make it MrBen. That’s okay, we’ll be brothers in absence.