Hiring: Technical Evangelist at Basho

I’m looking for a passionate, enthusiastic and opinionated person to join the EMEA community team at Basho.

The job title is Technical Evangelist, but it could just as easily have been Developer Advocate or Community Manager.

The person who’ll suit this role knows the open source world inside-out, can quickly grok technical detail and understand use cases and, most importantly, what solutions are a good fit for them.

If this is starting to spark your interest, do the following items describe you?

  • UK-based.
  • Technical, with the ability to read code and some ability to write code.
  • Excited to travel, for one or two days at a time, two or three times a month within Europe and maybe the Middle East and Africa.
  • Confident speaking to people at meet-ups and giving talks at conferences.
  • Autonomous and full of ideas but able to work to a plan and within a team.
  • You understand that marketing is more than being really good at Twitter.

If you’re interested, drop me a mail (mrevell AT basho DOT com) or take a look at our application form.