Launchpad and Bazaar at Ubuntu Live

Ubuntu Live

It’s not long now until Ubuntu Live! July 22 – 24 in Portland, Oregon.

Ubuntu Live will be a great opportunity to learn more about the technical and business background to both Canonical and Ubuntu and how Launchpad and Bazaar fit into that.

So, if you’re particularly interested in Launchpad and Bazaar, the sessions to look out for are:

  • How Ubuntu uses Launchpad – Matt Zimmerman, Paul Alexander
  • An introduction to Launchpad for collaboration and hosting – John Meinel
  • Tutorial: Collaboration and code hosting with Launchpad and Bazaar – John Meinel

It probably goes without saying that the Ubuntu project is the largest user of Launchpad. Hearing Matt and Paul’s tale of how Ubuntu uses Launchpad will give you a practical understanding of what makes Launchpad unique.

John Meinel’s talk will be a great way to see how Launchpad and Bazaar – together – can work for your project. In John’s tutorial session, he’ll then show exactly how Launchpad and Bazaar work together, with plenty of opportunity for attendees to learn the ins and outs.

Now’s a good time to book, if you’re thinking of going, as you can get a fat discount with the super-special-Canonical-discount-code. Enter the code ubu07ucm to get a 35% discount.