Launchpad in Ubuntu Open Week

This week is Ubuntu Open Week!

Launchpad is a pretty important part of the Ubuntu ecosystem, so features fairly heavily in Ubuntu Open Week.

We’ve got sessions on each of Launchpad’s tools, as well as two sessions where I introduce the basic concepts of Launchpad and a general Launchpad Q&A session from Kiko. There’s also a great session on Bazaar from Martin Pool.

As with all Ubuntu Open Week sessions, simply join #ubuntu-classroom on

  • Introduction to Launchpad: 16.00 UTC, Friday 27 April (log from Monday’s session).
  • Triaging bugs with Launchpad: log from Monday’s session.
  • Launchpad Q&A: 18.00 UTC, Tuesday 24 April.
  • Hosting code with Launchpad and Bazaar: 20.00 UTC, Tuesday 24 April.
  • **Community support with Launchpad: **19.00 UTC, Wednesday 25 April.
  • Introduction to Bazaar version control: 20.00 UTC, Wednesday 25 April (log from Monday’s session).
  • **Translating with Launchpad: **18.00 UTC, Thursday 26 April.
  • Launchpad’s Blueprint: 18.00 UTC, Friday 27 April.

If you can’t make it to a session, logs are available.

And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Launchpad, you can always join us in #launchpad on or in the Launchpad Users mailing list: