Live blogging Wolves election count

I’m sitting on the top floor of Wolverhampton Civic Centre, with my WCR FM co-host Neil Calloway, waiting for the Wolverhampton local election count to get underway.

So far, not a lot’s happening. Blue sky above, refreshments in the corner and a bloke from the Express and Star on the next table.

I’ll be updating this throughout the morning.

09.30: And we’re off. The presiding officer has started the count. Express and Start, BBC WM and national BBC are here.

10.40: St Peter’s declared for Roger Lawrence (Labour). Looks like a slim margin. Didn’t quite hear but sounded like 954 for Labour, 891 Lib Dem and 381 Conservative.

Before the count with Neil in the corner

Update: Recording for and live reporting back to WCR FM took over from the blog.