LugRadio Season 2 Episode 3

Today, we publish episode 3 of the new series of LugRadio.

As my first show of the new series, I’m really looking forward to hearing what people think of it.

New boy, Ade, settled in as though he’d always been there. At certain points I did try to imagine what Sparkes might have said, but it was great to have yet another point of view from our new presenter.

Overall, I’d say this is one of the best shows we’ve ever done. We managed to chat about loads of stuff, including:
* a review of Sparkes’ best bits
* welcome to Ade
* regular listener, Schwuk joined us on the phone to talk about people’s willingness to pay for insignificant software, free alternatives to which are readily available
* we debated the future of Firefox and questioned why Microsoft appears not to notice the (albeit minor) threat
* discussion of Novell’s new SuSe Linux Desktop 9.2 and the involvement of corporate licensing in the open source world
* the NHS condemning 900,000 desktops to Microsoft and spending ?500million of our money on it
* the end of show, including moaning about Powergen’s broken browser sniffing.

It’s great that we’re doing the show again and we’ve had some positive feedback, but I wanna’ hear from more people. Mail us guys … show AT lugradio DOT org … let us know what you think.
Also new is Planet LugRadio, at, where you can read all of our blogs.

Anyway, go listen to the show.