LugRadio season 2 episode 9

Yesterday, we published season 2 episode 9 of LugRadio. The response has been astounding.

The main feature of the show was an interview with Novell’s Miguel de Icaza, who heads up the Mono project. Briefly, Mono is a somewhat controversial project to implement an open source version of Microsoft’s .NET framework on non-Microsoft operating systems. As Miguel’s roots are in open source, particularly the Gnome desktop project, the primary work has been for Gnome based Linux systems.

Slashdot, Newsforge, OSNews and others picked the story up, meaning that we’ve done approximately 86 Gigs of traffic on audio files since yesterday lunch time. Crumbs. We reckon that, including BitTorrent, we’re standing at around 8,000 downloads.

So, why has this episode piqued so much interest? Well, listen to the show 🙂 But the main reason is that Mono divides the Linux community. Some see it as an excellent benefit to open source, allowing us to take advantage of a new development technology which is published as an international standard and so can’t hold any nasty surprises. Others worry that Microsoft will come up with a way to destroy Mono, and in turn anything that depends on it, just at the moment that it starts to matter to Linux.

I can’t claim to understand a great deal about the particulars of whether or not Mono is a good development platform. However, it certainly does raise some interesting questions about the future of open source.