New job: Community Manager at Basho

Last week I started a new job as Community Manager at Basho‘s new London office, looking after Europe, the Middle East and Africa!

Basho are the people behind the Riak NoSQL database, along with the RiakCS S3-compatible block storage platform. Riak was inspired by Amazon’s Dynamo paper, which describes how Amazon have used their own in-house database system to ensure their services run even in the event of outages and that they can scale quickly and with minimal effort.

It was a pretty easy decision to apply to work at Basho. They have a core product, in Riak, that solves a set of problems that will affect just about anyone deploying services over the net. What’s more, they’re doing that while maintaining a good balance between retaining the independence to create the products customers want while being aware of the broader contexts in which those products are used.

Perhaps most importantly, though, for me was that the people at Basho are smart, friendly and everyone there has a voice and a hand in the success of the company.

As Community Manager in the EMEA team I’ll be making sure that Basho and Riak are at the right events, I’ll be organising meet-ups, podcasting, writing, meeting people and generally helping to grow and maintain a community of people who are interested in and excited by Riak.