New radio show: Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute

On June 13th, I start a brand new radio show on WCR FM. From 7pm – 10pm (and sometimes midnight), I’ll be joined by Neil Calloway for The Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute!

Replacing the Wolverhampton Politics Show, the new programme will take in art, debate, politics, philosophy and more. I love radio that takes me on unexpected journeys and I hope, in some small part, The Wolverhampton Radiophonic Institute will achieve that.

Something I’m particularly excited about is that we’re planning to use a mix of pre-recorded mini-documentaries and reports, with live studio discussion. We’re also hoping to showcase the best of the other shows on WCR FM.

Naturally, a podcast of the best bits of the show will be available shortly after broadcast.

I hope to blog more about the new show, as time allows, and in particular about the process of planning and making the show.