Thomson digital TV recorders and the five stages of grief

I hate our Freeview digital TV recorder. It’s made by Thompson. Here it is on Amazon. It fails on so many levels.

At first, it seems to work okay: wow, it records two channels at once, it records a whole series with just a couple of clicks. Even the minor quibbles, such as not being able to start watching a recording a specific point, are forgivable. And you can, mostly, get rid of the Top Up TV crap that no one wants.

Then, things start to go wrong but, y’know, it was so cool before that you deny there’s a problem.

Then, when you notice that it has failed to record a few episodes of your favourite programme — and it only tells you that by displaying a message in an obscure menu somewhere — you get angry. “Why? It was going so well! Why are you doing this to me, box?”

Then, you find yourself bargaining with it: “Come on, I don’t mind if you miss Deep Space 9, just make sure you record Wallander.”

When you realise that, despite it offering to automatically record the second half of the film that’s shown after the news, it hasn’t done anything of the sort, then you enter depression.

Finally, you accept that this is actually one of the buggiest, least reliable consumer electronics items you’ve ever come across and you take the bugger back to Argos.