Wolverhampton politics

Wolverhampton doesn’t have much in the way of decent local media, particularly on the web. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

I tried to find out who was standing for the General Election in Wolverhampton. A Google search came up with nothing. So, I’ve set up Wolverhampton Politics. Depending how things go, I’d like to keep it going after the election, and provide some scrutiny of our city council!

I’m going to mail each candidate to see if they’ll give me an interview. I want to know what they plan, as individuals, to do for Wolverhampton; not what their leaders tell them to think. It’d also be interesting to know what they’ll do for Wolverhampton even if they aren’t elected … surely they’re not just cynically pretending to care so they get all the trappings of office!

Let me know what you think.